200 Outeniqua Avenue, Waterkloof Park, Pretoria
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[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Given June 2018″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Was very happy l will come back[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]
[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Derick June 2018″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Absolutely pleasure to stay with Waterfalls. As I travel a lot on business, will visit this place very soon again. Thanx for taking great care of your guests. [/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]
[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Chris June 2018″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Very nice place to stay will definitely go again, friendly staff


[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Moris June 2018″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Tranquil environment, great for relaxation[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]
[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Andre May 2018″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]This is the second time I stayed at this hotel. The rooms are spacious and stylish, and the hotel is conveniently located close to the N1 highway. But the best of all is the scrumptious breakfast and great coffee. Highly recommended[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]
[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Ruan April 2018″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Excellent upscale little hotel. Good value for money


[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Kim April 2018″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Great place for privacy, service is excellent. Just the rooms a bit small but overall great[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]
[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”George February 2018″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]This stay was just perfect …. I arrived late, and being on my own preferred to have a meal in my room. This was no problem at all for the staff who were so friendly and accommodating. My room contained everything to make things easy and comfortable, and even though Waterfalls is very central to everything, there was a quiet and tranquil vibe. The staff were helpful and knowledgeable with directions to assist me on my onward journey. I particularly liked the mix of staying in a hotel type establishment with the personal touches and attention of a guest house, and would not hesitate to recommend a stay here to anyone.


[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Stephan Jan 2018″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]My go to place when I stay over in Pretoria for business.  Tobie and staff are gracious hosts that go out of their way to make you feel welcome and they have a nice view on top of it of Pretoria.

Love it!


[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Sophy Dec 2017″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Dear all staff members

Thank you for the good hospitality we ‘ve got from your hotel,  i will  recommend it if someone asks for something fabulous, quite and classic. We really enjoyed ourselves, my fiance can’t stop talking about it, its the best memory ever for his birthday. Thanks a lot keep it up dear.


[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Yvette August 2016″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”] What an amazing place Waterfalls boutique hotel. will go back a million times. thank you for your hospitality and your kindness. You are on my highly recommend list. see you soon.[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]
[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Stephaans August 2016″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Asemrowend. Fantastiese ondervinding. Belewenis wat ons binnekort weer sal wil beleef.

Asemrowend. Pieter is ‘n definitiewe aanwins vir Waterfalls Boutique Hotel. Ongelooflik gasvry en het ons sommer dadelik laat tuis voel. Letterlik gevoel toe ons Sondag uitboek of ons al jarelange vriende is. Enige iemand moet die Hotel besoek en ek gaan vir seker al my vriende ook aanbeveel om by Waterfalls Boutique Hotel aan te klop vir ‘n aandjie of ‘n naweek. Absoluut die moeite werd en presies wat jy nodig het om bietjie af te skakel van die alledaagse gejaag.[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]

[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Ruaan July 2016″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Ongelooflik gemaklik, rustig en groot bederf!

Die diens was uitstekend en niks was vir die personeel ‘n probleem nie. Die kos was 5-ster-gehalte en baie mooi voorgesit. Sal definitief weer daar bespreek![/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]

[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Simone May 2016″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]An unforgettable experience 

Waterfalls Hotel is certainly a gem in the heart of Pretoria. Surrounded by waterfalls around the establishment, creates a truly tranquil ambiance. My room was very big and comfortable. They have a restaurant and a bar on sight and dinner was delicious!!!! The staff was extremely friendly, especially the Manager, who personally delivered my make-up bag which I left behind.[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]

[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Karla May 2016″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]A huge thank you to all the staff here. I never felt so welcome at any other hotel. I will most definitely recommend this to other people!!!!! Thanks for the great service!!!!!’[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]
[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”John March 2016″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Great boutique hotel – size doesn’t matter!

We used the hotel as a base for visiting family members. It was very conveniently situated close to motorways. Being a very small hotel we received personalised treatment from the very efficient and enthusiastic staff (they printed boarding passes for us). Pretoria clearly has a personal safety issue, but the hotel’s access control made us feel safe.[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]

[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Dr Francois December 2016″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Gem in Pretoria

We booked a room for ourselves and friends on New Years Eve. The Staff and the owner went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable. We asked them to set up a dinner to bring in the new year, and keep the bar open. They organized all on short notice and delivered an unforgettable experience ! The rooms are beautiful as well. I recommend without reservation ! The best small hotel we have ever stayed in.[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]

[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Priscilla November 2016″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]The BEST YET!

Our stay was wonderful! John was truly a great host, the chef -oh my, wish I could have taken him back to the states. I am sending my friends![/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]

[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Adele October 2015″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]Baie rustige blyplek! Kliëntediens is uitstekend en die kos was baie lekker! Sal beslis weer hier bly!

Ontvangs was baie aangenaam, en die plek is baie netjies! Dekor is uitstekend, en die kamer is goed toegerus. Die uitsig is, soos belowe, asemrowend. Die atmosfeer is rustig en luuks. Dit is beslis ‘n blyplek om te oorweeg as jy in die area is vir werk of ontspanning![/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]

[TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial placeholder=”https://waterfallsboutiquehotel.co.za/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/defaults/default_person.jpg” author=”Mouritz July 2015″ style=”style4″ show_avatar=”false”]“Great Experience, relaxing and good service”

So I have stayed at this boutique hotel some years ago for business. Last weekend I took my family to Pretoria so the kids can visit their grandparents, I thought lets try waterfalls again as a family. On arrival we were delighted with a warm welcome at reception. The service was exceptional throughout our stay and the food prepared in a tasteful and well plated manor. We stayed in there superior king suite offering all that expected from a boutique hotel of this standard, coffee facility, bar fridge, aircon, king size bed and free wi-fi. The room we stayed in was spacious and beautifully decorated. Parking inside the premises was secure and convenient in getting our luggage to our room. I would definitely recommend this establishment to any of my friends or guests visiting Pretoria and who are looking for an upmarket place to stay. Being a frequent traveller from Cape Town, I will be returning on a more regular basis to Waterfalls.[/TS_VCSC_Quick_Testimonial]

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